The Geography of Georgian Wines

There are five main wine growing regions in Georgia with Kakheti being the largest. It is located in the South-eastern part of the country with the Alazani and Iori Rivers being the major rivers. The Alazani Valley is guarded to the north by the Caucasus Mountains and the Tsiv-Gombori mountain range from the south-west. Some of Georgia’s best known and well regarded controlled Appellations come from the Alazani valley. Tsinandali, and Mukuzani Appellations are situated at the right (south-west) bank of the Alazani river, on the Tsiv Gombori slopes where the soil is light clay and calcareous. Napareuli and Kindzmarauli Appellations spread among the picturesque Caucasian foothills of the left (north east) bank where the soil is sandier, containing less clay and smaller stones.