White Sparkling Wines -


White Brut

This natural ‘bubbly” is pale greenish golden in colour with plenty of fizz, made from a blend of local white grapes.  It has delicate aromas and appetizing flavours of green melon and apple, with a crisp, dry but mild finish.  A classic start to any special occasion or celebration.

Gergian White Brut

White Dry

This dry version is touch softer and rounder than the Brut. Blended from Tsitska, Chinebuli and Goruli Mtsvane, with bubbles produced by a natural second fermentation in tank. It’s pale straw gold with fine foam and gentle apple and pear notes.  Crisp and appealing as an evening “pick me up” treat.

Gergian White Sparkling Wines

White Semi-Dry

Pale lemon yellow with lively bubbles from a natural second fermentation in tank and made from fresh crisp base wines made from white local grapes; Tsitska, Chinebuli and Goruli Mtsvane.  It shows notes of poached pear and a hint of honey, and its gentle sweetness makes it good choice for toasts with cake, and for anyone who finds most sparkling wine too dry or sharp.

Georgian Semi Dry Sparkling Wine