Brandy and Georgian Grape Marc

David Sarajishvili is considered to be the founding father of genuine brandy production in Georgia and indeed in the whole former Russian empire.  He learnt his skills in the Charentes region of France (the home of Cognac) and on his return founded the first company making wine brandy in Georgia in 1884.  Since then the company has gone on to win numerous prizes and has continued its founder’s legacy.

Sarajishvili 3 Star

Made from a careful selection of wines produced in different zones across Georgia.  It has been matured for 3 years in a barrel giving a rich light brown colour with scents of caramel, toffee and wine.  To taste, it’s warming but mellow with hints of dates, milk chocolate and caramel.

Sarajishvili Georgian Brandy

Sarajishvili VS

This is a superior blend of oak aged base brandies of around 6 to 8 years old, with the addition of selected brandies of around 15 years old to enrich the final blend.  It has a refined nose and deep amber brown colour.  Aromas of golden sultanas and bonfire toffee lead to a smooth and gently rounded palate with good depth and balance from that lengthy oak ageing.

Sarajishvili Georgian Brandy

Sarajishvili VSOP

This very special oak matured blend averages 8 to 10 years old and includes some carefully selected brandies as old as 20 years to add true depth and complexity.   It’s deep amber in colour with aromas of toffee and dried vine fruits.  Warming but smooth and rich to taste with notes of vanilla, dates and espresso coffee, and a long after-taste.

Sarajishvili Georgian Brandy

Sarajishvili Eniseli

The pride of the distillery and distilled only from wines grown in the Eniseli sub-region in the Alazani valley. This amber tawny brandy has an average age of 14 years and this shows in the smooth and elegant palate and intense complex flavours, showing hints of treacle, coffee, dates and walnuts.  It has a long fine and lingering finish too.  Rumoured to have been a favourite of Winston Churchill.

Sarajishvili Georgian Brandy


Despite the fact that Georgia is the acclaimed birth place of wine, the history of grape pomace distillate, Chacha, is relatively short and begins in early 19th century, though some historians believe that , the first primitive distillation apparatuses in Georgia were introduced in medieval times from Persia.
Telavi Wine Cellar started Chacha production in the late 90s. Multiple choices of grape varieties and company owned distillery, enables us to distill the pomace right after fermentation and retain specific varietal taste and aromatic nuances. 


Chacha Saperavi

Chacha Saperavi is made from Saperavi grapes grown in the Kondoli vineyards reknown for the quality of their grapes After fermentation the pomace and grape residue is double steam distilled in the traditional way. The resulting Chacha Saperavi is stored in stainless steel tanks before bottling and has 40% abv . There are aromas of strawberry jam and fresh mint and a soft attack on the palate with a sweet middle and finishing with a silky strawberry taste. Enjoy either on its own or with pork and lamb dishes.


Chacha Rkatsiteli

Chacha Rkatsiteli is made in the same way as its sister Saperavi chacha but using Georgia’s famous white grapes Rkatsiteli. The resulting colourless Chacha Rkatsiteli is has complex ripe yellow plumb and fresh almond aromas with a clean mid palate and a fruity, spicy finish. Excellent as a digestif or with meat dishes.