Gaumarjos imports an extensive range of Georgian still and sparkling wines as well as Georgian grape marc and brandy. Georgian wines and spirits available in the UK today combine modern quality with a colourful history.

Archaeologists have found grape seeds, with evidence of wine-making technology, on sites dated to 6000 BC. This means that Georgia has the longest known wine-making history in the world.

Georgia has 500 indigenous grape varieties. Most of Georgia’s red wine is made from the Saperavi grape. Georgia’s most important white grape is the indigenous Rkatsiteli variety. Rkatsiteli is high in acidity, producing white wines of fine character. Saperavi produces full-bodied red wines which can age for up to fifty years. Methods of making wine vary with the region: in Kakheti, in the east, fermentation of the grape juice takes place together with the pulp, grape-skins and pips. The pulp is put in clay jars or Khveri that are buried in the ground so that the temperature is kept constant. Satrepezo is made using this method.  In the west the European method, in which fermentation of pure grape-juice takes place is used. Georgia has nearly 15 controlled appellations